About our Pastor

The overseeing pastor of our church, is Kende Majoros got his missions major diploma in 1995 at Maryland Bible College & Seminary.
He’s been teaching at the Central European Theological Academy (CETA) in Budapest since 1995. He spent a year in Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan on the foreign mission field. Following his marriage in 1997 he was pastor of our church in Székesfehérvár, where he ministered with his family until 2005. During that season many people made a decision for Jesus Christ during street evangelisms, the church and the disciples grew. Meanwhile he was actively engaged in teaching at and directing CETA in Budapest.
In August 2005 he was voted and appointed as the overseeing pastor of the Bible Speaks church in Budapest. His messages are based on the Finished Work of Jesus Christ for the edification and growth of the church. Since missions is part of his vision, he regularly takes part in foreign missions trips, teaching the church with his example of the importance of missions and revealing to them the heart of the disciple.

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