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God Is Strong via Our Weakness

2016 November 9.  18:30

If you don’t have enough problems then you won’t think you are too small. But if you have a difficulty that makes you question everything: yourself, God, your abilities, your intelligence. We try to avoid trouble though that is a gift for us. It’s necessary. We pray so that God would take it away. But He says: I would like you to rejoice when you are in trouble. Why though?
(Psa 23:5; 2Cor 12:7a, 4:7-12)

The LORD has dealt bountifully with me! & He prepares yet another vessel – God’s work in our lives

2016 August 28.  16:30

It happens many times that we try to argue with the fact that everything is for our good. Our examples in the Bible are Joseph and David who trusted the Lord without ceasing. And now we can see what God has done through this.
(Ro 8:28, Psa 13:2-3,6)

How does the potter work? He takes the clay, kneads it then he puts it on the tray and starts to spin it. He forms it with his wet hands as the vessel becomes bigger and bigger…it is molding. His hands are so practiced, sensitive and tender. Those feel every imperfection.
Our lives are like the clay because there are spots in them. But the Lord is working…
(Jer 18:1-4, Heb 12:6)

Communion & “It Is I, The Lord”

2016 June 5.  16:30

Once we’ve made the decision to walk with God, to get to know God; it is as if the opposite had happened, we meet not God, but the problems. We are proned to say: This is not of the Lord! God, however, is faithful to give us exactly what we need. He would like to…

Awaiting The Lord & When God Seems to Neglect Me – Processing #1

2016 May 29.  16:00

There are two options for our lives – either build it on faith or on fear. Faith-life is incalculable. An adventure. We expect great things from God, because there is strength in a life of faith. What are these? (Job 3:25-26, Isa 40:31) Our lives have seasons, unpleasant but necessary. Do you rebel against that,…

A Caged Dog Will Bark at Anything, But The One Hunting Will Not

2015 August 30.  16:00

Do not let miracles draw your attention away from Jesus. Miracles are circumstantial, while the key is Jesus. Trials may stop our progress, yet they are the key to growing in integrity. The key is Jesus, even in the trials. To shed all that is unnecessary – will there be anything worth adhering to? What…

None Greater Than Christ & Be Salty, Not Dusty!

2015 March 8.  18:00

Whose life agrees with their life philosophy? The Word of God leads us to the God of the Bible. Between man and God we found Jesus and that we need to grow up into Him. Knowing Him is to worship.
Jesus had salt, He was anointed. You don’t eat the salt, you use it as a flavoring. If there is no salt, will the dust do? How about when you lose saltiness, how do you get it beack, where to find it? Saltiness will yield peace (Mk 9:49-50)