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I Am Making Something New – Did You Not Know?!

2016 August 3.  18:30

God is creative, all of creation witnesses to that. He never repeats Himself. He begins something fresh, but He also carries all things to their completion. What He has promised, He will do, He will finish Do you have an open heart? Then you’ll understand His counsel. (Isa 42:9, 43:19, 65:17, 2Cor 5:17)

Faith Or Guilt

2016 June 29.  18:30

God views our situations, surroundings so differently from us! When sin pressures, weighs down on us so heavily, our guilty conscience leads us to wrong actions. Nothing is too great, nothing is too distant if you view the promises. Careful about what you ignore! Even in ares where you feel really at home, trust Him…

God Is Faithful to His Promises

2016 June 22.  18:30

We often doubt His promises, His Word, because we imagine Him to be like us, and think of Him in such human terms. God is not a man, His immutability is the guarantee that His promises will be fulfilled. What has He promised? (Num 23:19, Isa 55:8-9, 2Pt 3:3-4, Heb 6:13-18, 10:23, Jo 15:7, Psa…

We Must Reach Over into The Supernatural

2016 May 8.  16:00

We cannot even picture how great it is what God has in store for us, because His power, His glory is so far the greater. This is hidden for the natural man. As believers, we need to relaearn everything just as children. You must not get scared of this, you need to step over the…

God Plays to Win & God’s Advice to Communication (Thinking with God)

2015 May 10.  16:00

Satan is God’s adversary, so He doesn’t settle with a draw. Jesus fired death. God is victorious and makes us victorious in His love. (Col 2:15, 2Tim 1:10) Much depends on communication, though not all. Communication errors may cost you dearly. Have content, have patience, do not brag. (Jas 3:5, Psa 1:2, Pro 4:24, 6:1-2,…

Trusting God About The Ones We Love (Thinking with God)

2015 May 3.  16:00

A mothers’ love is so strong. They wish the best for their kids, but sight leads to a wrong results. The love of God is higher, for He knows what is best for us. We need to place God first, walking in His promises in life and relationships. (Mt 20:20-21, 1Ki 1:16-18, Psa 131:1, Josh…

Love Does Not Envy & What God Forgets And What He Remembers

2015 April 26.  16:00

How could the envious one have the love of God also? The love of God gives abundantly. (1Jo 3:16-17, 2Co 8:9) Human righteousness is often subjective. God forgets the things that are not eternal, and the we the same way need to have each day be new. God however remembers His promises, His people and…

God’s Initiations through Human History

2015 January 18.  18:00

Human history from God’s perspective, the dispensational plan of the ages. God keeps initiating, man keeps failing, but His mercy is new every day in His patience. Some things always are the same, and He never ceases to seek us. (Ge 12:3, Hab 2:4, Gal 3:11)