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The More – Beyond The Veil

2016 November 23.  18:30

How was David different from his contemporaries? Why would God say about David: „man according to my own heart”? What does this mean for us today, in the dispensation of grace? What is the church according to God’s heart like?
(Acts 13:22, 2Cor 3:14-15, Psa 119:99, Jn 1:17)

Freedom in Christ

2016 October 23.  16:30

The devil’s work can be seen well in the church as well. We need spiritual discernment. What do you use it for?
People look for freedom. Christ has already set us free and he setting us free. 4 characteristics of your freedom – know them so you would live well in it and use it well.
(Isa 1:5; 11:6, 43:10-11, 64.5; Hab 3:17-19; 1Cor 11:19; Rom 5:8, 6:6,14, 8:2,5,8; Gal 1:10, 5:1,13; Eph 6:11-12; Heb 4:12)

The newness of the Spirit & Unity – the divine virtue

2016 September 18.  16:30

Judging or releasing – whatever the principal is – is nothing else but the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil. By the mercy of God we are freely justified. What did the newness of the Spirit bring? What will you do with it?
(Ro 2:12,14-15, 3:24,28, 7:6)

Both, the enemy and the Holy Trinity have supernatural unity. What makes the difference between the reflector and the laser beam? Which one is stronger? What gives its power? The unity of the Holy Trinity is so wonderful! That gives the growth in the church. Why though?
(Job 41:14-16, Psa 8:6, Eph 4:1-6, Gal 4:4, Jn 12:49-50, 16:7, Col 2:9, Phil 2:8, 10:24, James 2:19)

Natural And Supernatural Deception

2016 May 4.  18:30

We are so easily misled! Also, the Enemy works in an organized system, set up to mislead people. Those mislead lose, get ruined, destroyed. Jesus dealt with Satanic attacks with such ease, and gave the same power to His disciples. (Pro 4:23, Mt 10:11, Lk 8:27-29, 4:41, Gal 3:1, 5:12-13, 1Tim 4:1, Jas 4:7, Rev…

He Already Knows How This Will Be & The Need of The World Is Laid-down Lives

2015 April 8.  18:30

When Jesus asks, He really checks on the heart. Is your situation impossible? He already knows the solution. We live in thanksgiving because we know the Almighty. What you need is His Spirit and His Word. (Jo 6:5-6,11,23, Eze 37:1-14) God has done the most that can be done for us: sent His Son, for…