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Make It Straight & Forgive Them, They Know Not What They Do

2016 October 30.  16:30

Misery can be scary for us. In times like these we have the intention: Let’s make it clear! Well, it is better to let God do that.
(1Sam 1:4-10; Psa 50:15)

There were two categories of sinners. The cross, Jesus puts everyone into the same category. Because in this category there is sacrifice and this sacrifice has been already sacrificed for us. What does this mean in our relationship with God and with people?
(Num 15:24-31; Luk 23:34; 1Tim 1:13; Acts 7:59-60; 2Tim 4:16; 1Jn 1:9; 1Pt 5:5-7; James 4:10)

Divine Call & Written on Your Face

2016 October 26.  18:30

The call of God is an exceptional honor. We have received a royal mission. And because of that you are important. Just get to know the details!
(Jn 15:16)

The Bible says that you should seek the face of God without ceasing. God says that nobody can see His face. What is written on the face of God? What is it that we cannot see? What does it mean to seek His face? He can be found!
(Gen 25:31-32,34, 33:1,9-10, 1Cron 22:19; 2Cron 7:14; Psa 105:4; Mt 17:2-3; Col 3:1-2; Rev 1:14)

Rap (Q&A)

2016 June 26.  18:30

This discussion was held in connection with the messages My Responsibility to Sin & The Mighty God And My Lame Feet on June 26, 2016, Sunday 4:30 pm.

The Good And The Bad – Processing #2

2016 June 1.  18:30

What do you base the way you view the things of life? Do you evaluate things in a system of right and wrong? That system is both powerful and fearful. There is another option provided by God for us. Cats right themselves while falling. How? What two things must we also do as we fall?…

Consicence with God

2015 November 8.  16:00

Public enemy #1 is our consicence. This may be the reason we cannot serve God out of a pure heart, then that influences our relationships as well. We attempt to placate our consciences, but God has satisfied the demands of His “conscience”, so His mind does not consider our sin. The Gospel is the greatest…

Love Does Not Envy & What God Forgets And What He Remembers

2015 April 26.  16:00

How could the envious one have the love of God also? The love of God gives abundantly. (1Jo 3:16-17, 2Co 8:9) Human righteousness is often subjective. God forgets the things that are not eternal, and the we the same way need to have each day be new. God however remembers His promises, His people and…