P. Schaller’s Visit

One of the founders of our church, the pastor for many of us will spend a week here September 14-22 and plans to visit the Hungarian churches around the country. Though his visitation has no formal framework (i.e. he will not do a conference), still, this visit is an opportunity to draw and be near the leader of  GGWO, the spiritual covering for our ministry – one worth taking some time off, sacrifice an evening for.

In broad strokes the plan looks like this:

14, Monday –

CETA, Bible school class ~7 pm.

15, Tuesday –

meeting in Székesfehérvár, 6 pm.

16, Wednesday –

lunch rap at Golgota utca 3, 12:30 pm
outreach at Nagyvárad tér 5:00 pm
fellowship with Chinese church 5:30 pm
service in Golgota utca 3, 6:30 pm.

17, Thursday –

lunch fellowship in Szeged, 12:00
meeting in Szeged, 6 pm.

18, Friday –

Vienna, soulwinning at 6 pm.
service at 7 pm.

19, Saturday –

soulwinning behind Mammut mall in Budapest 10:30 am
lunch and fellowship 12:00
prayer meeting at Rákoskeresztúri Keresztény Közösség, 6 pm.

20, Sunday –

service in the Budagyöngye church at 10:30 am.
afternoon service in Golgota utca 3, 4:00 pm.

21, Monday –

Kaposvár, evening session at 6 pm.

Should something change (very likely!), you may find out here – so keep checking back! All are welcome to every session in Golgota u. 3, and if you wish to participate in the rest, please find out from hajnal@nullbibliaszol.hu about availability!

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