The beginings of concert series The song of the new heart

I have the privilege to serve God with my voice in my local church. During the years of my ministry, God gave me songs – precious jewels which reflect truths which He revealed to me. Some of them were simply to comfort me in hardship and others have been used by God in a very special way to show me His love.

Two years ago, God inspired me to go further and prepare a concert which took place in Budapest in January 2015. He blessed me with all the needed help by giving me musicians, singers, soundman and helpers. Many hearts were touched by the truths carried by the songs words and lovely sounds.

We, my team and I, hope for more opportunities to share these precious truths by organizing concerts in different towns, throughout the villages of Hungary. If God leads you to be part of this by supporting us with prayer or financially, please do not hesitate to contact us via email for further details.

Az uj sziv zengese

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