School objective

The purpose of this school is to carry forward the historic Biblical Christian faith. The Central European Theological Academy (CETA) teaches men and women God’s Word, the Bible, and respect for and obedience to all the claims of Christ upon the believer’s life contained therein.

The educational goals of CETA are therefore:

  • To instill a comprehensive knowledge of the Bible resulting in a thorough understanding of Christian doctrine.
  • To develop skills for applying Biblical principles to practical situations.
  • To involve students in our student ministry program to win the lost to Christ and thus enable them to employ a variety of evangelistic methods.
  • To cultivate Christian living through a variety of learning experiences and personal interaction.
  • To foster a compassionate response to social needs in an attitude of action.
  • To promote a Christian culture in terms of refinement, appreciation, social attitudes, and skills.

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