Three Dimensions of Divine Appointments & Superficiality VS the Deep Work of God in The Heart & Meek And Feral Christians (New Year’s Conference)

2016 January 2. Saturday  10:30

Divine appointments are where faith brings us to a point of space and time – to be in the place that God’s intended for us. There we are protected by his will. (Psa 23:4)

We have abundance under the shadow of His wings. We desire that. That is the place of life deeply hidden. That is where He shapes, forms, builds the house. The needs of our hearts are only filled there. (Psa 36:7-9, 25:14)

The will of God is our safest place, and in safety I can afford to be meek. In an unsafe place I have to become wild to protect self. Why is that a dangerous place? (Psa 25:9, Num 12:3)

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