It appears to me that one of the greater privileges we may grant each other is the privilege of ‘effect’.
Meaning that I grant someone the right to influence my life.

Often we carelessly pass this right to people, who should not be allowed to have an effect on us. Say, I might mindlessly allow someone’s hatred to make me a rancorous person, or to the contrary, I may let blind love cause me to become irresponsible. Possibly, I get so hooked on soap operas, that a whole swarm of dumb lies finds rich soil for growth in my careless heart.
Thank God, there are some, who are worthy of us granting them that privilege of ‘effect’ – there are teachers, ministers who represent and communicate truth and value. I for one had the blessing of my pastors, and many of my leaders having a godly effect on my life. Of course, they were not the only ones, via their books, thoughts, many others influenced me as well. Here I share writings, quotes from varied sources, that had a blessed effect on my life.

I trust they will on yours too –

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