Bible School Late Registration for 2015/16

Late Registration

Late registration, in the church office at Golgota u. 3, only August 31 – September 04.
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Why Should I Go to

Bible School?


Perhaps you have no desire to preach Jesus in an African jungle surrounded by cannibals, and so you think you have no need to attend. Truth is, what we teach is useful for all, regardless of whether they will work in a Budapest office or be a soccer mom for most of their lives, whether they will minister in a well-equipped Sunday school or in a backwards village on Borneo.

… Do you know what you and I can do? Do you know what this church can do in all the world? Have you any idea? It is amazing, the potential impact of our lives. We have people who have brought the message of grace and the Finished Work and unconditional love into all the world. This one’s preaching on it in India. That one’s preaching on it in Brazil. Others are preaching on it in the United States in different cities and different churches.That happens because people have literally been confined, controlled, and held in by agape love. That is what a church is all about. That’s what a Bible college is all about. Can you imagine a Bible school where people learn only knowledge and academics but never hear the height, the depth, the length, and the breadth of God’s love? They may have the Greek inside out, the Hebrew inside out. Well, they need to be turned inside out by agape love. They may have all the academics. There’s nothing wrong with that. We need to learn. But I think the Bible says in Ephesians 3:19, “Love passes knowledge.” …We want a Bible college where students come up with knowledge of the character and nature of God. They know categorical doctrine. They think with God. Yet, there is so much love and agape love in their hearts.

By the way, it is never a love disconnected from truth. It is not one of these wishy-washy, “I love you! I love you! I love you!” deals. First Peter 1:22 tells us that we ought to have “unfeigned and fervent love.” The Greek word is anupokritos, and it means “genuine, sure, and sincere love” – love connected to truth. Love that is disconnected fro m truth is just an emotional response to another kingdom or the flesh. …
Unfeigned love is not lukewarm, laid-back and passive.
It is hot, active, ready to go.

(excerpt from Pastor Carl Stevens, founder of GGWO)

What The Bible Says About It

  • Learning the Bible brings a blessing (Psalms 1:1-2)
  • Whether you clean offices, or own a company, a more precise learning of the Word of God (2Tim 2:15) prepares you to face life’s challenges (2Tim 3:17), challenges, which in the absence of preparation could lead to your faith getting shipwrecked (1Tim 1:19).
  • Getting to know your Bible gives you wisdom and the opportunity for ministry (Kol 3:16).
  • Maturity is God’s plan for your life. Our faculty consists of missionaries, soulwinners, believers actively engaged in ministry. Their teaching is not academia only, but proven wisdom as well (Heb 6:1).
  • Bible School is preparation for facing issues that test one’s faith (1Pet 3:15), whether they be heresies (Jude 4), fashionable, but malicious Christian movements (Eph 4:14), or personal tragedies (2Kor 1:4).
  • As you are introduced to the breadth of God’s love (Eph 3:18-19, Jo 4:35), your eyes open up to the great spiritual needs near and far (Ac 1:8, Mk 16:15).

Discover Your Gifts!

In the course of their Bible school ministries many discover gifts they never suspected to have. For some, this results in a major change of direction in life, while others are strengthened in what they already know to be their call.

It is the experience of many, that our years in Bible school added deeper content and maturity (Psalms 119:99) to our lives. We have found God honoring us as we committed to seek Him (Phil 3:8-10). Our prayer and hope is that some day you will look back on these years of your life the same way!


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