About our church

In 1990, a group of missionaries from different nationalities (Finish, French, American) arrived to Hungary with the purpose to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the people who were just granted their religious freedom after the collapse of Communism.

In 1991, our church was registered at the Municipal Court under the technical number 0097 with the signature of a hundred Hungarian believers.

You may read our Doctrinal Statement on the next page, but we could sum it up by saying that we are a church that believes the cardinal doctrines of the apostolic Christian faith and exercises them.

The Bible Speaks Church is a Bible centered ministry that purposes to support the spiritual growth of individuals and families so they can live a complete life as useful and edifying members of the society.

Our church has many outreaches, including for example child programs, seminars, marriage – and family counseling, conferences, ministry to the elderly, teen ministry, concerts and theater plays, street preaching, crisis counseling, public school ministry. In addition to these we have several other charitable and educational outreaches, where we cooperate with other Hungarian and international foundations and churches. The people taking part in the activities and programs are mainly volunteers of our church.

We have a special emphasis on both  foreign missions  in Hungary and abroad. Our desire is to propagate the Christian faith personally, in publications, lectures, presentations and through distributing audio and video materials.

As a result of God’s work through us we have Hungarian missionaries in ten countries, Bible studies in many Hungarian cities and affiliated churches in ten locations.

In the past 23 years our church reached tens of thousands of people with the message of the Gospel. We have seen lives literally saved dozens of times through different ministries – from people contemplating suicide to fetuses destined to abortion.

At this time we have about 300 persons regularly attending our services; however, we have no membership record. Our church makes no difference between people based on their race, color, gender, religious convictions or ethnical background; we welcome every visitor. All services are in English and Hungarian.

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