2015 International Convention

You are invited!

The apostle Paul defined the Church for us, calling it the Body of Christ in Ephesians 4. Its members are fitted and compacted together for the purpose of God’s mission to reach the world with His Gospel. This is what International Convention season is all about in Baltimore. It is the time when we gather and assemble, a time to see faces and hear voices and share vision and victory. We celebrate what God has done in the ministry of Greater Grace and set our sights afresh on what God could and will do in the days ahead.

From June 22-27, Baltimore will be the place. Be there and be encouraged in His purpose and power. Arrive earlier in June and enjoy the pre-convention season at Greater Grace with Maryland Bible College and Seminary’s Masters classes and the start up of summer outreaches to the city and much more.

Come and be blessed.

Pastor Schaller

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