Location and Contact

Address: 1089 Budapest, Golgota street 3.
Phone number: +36 1 210 20 28
Email: info@nullbibliaszol.hu
Remark about the website:
Email: honlap@nullbibliaszol.hu


Bank account number where tithes and donations can be transfered:
Raiffeisen Bank - 12011021-00140325-00100008

Foundations and Organisations that are connected to our Church:
For the support of Kharisz Christian Dayschool:
Foundation for Christian Education - 11996224-06085328-10000001

Tax 1%

The Bible Speaks Association: 18297296 - 1 - 42

Infinite wisdom dictates what absolute sovereignty decrees. God is never arbitrary, or tyrannical. He does as he wills, but he always wills to do that which is not only most for his own glory, but also most for our real good. How dare we question anything God does?

C. H. Spurgeon